Invisible Structures, 2010-2012

Lorena Mal, Invisible Structures: a space in Hokkaido described in japanese, 2011, C-print, 40x60cm

Invisible Structures, 2010-2012
2 channel HD video without sound and prints
Variable dimensions

Invisible Structures is a drawing series that gathers personal maps of lived spaces from different geographies and experienced in different languages.

As the spaces are made visible through drawing lines made frame by frame following every hand movement of a person’s description, the dialogue between each is not established by word’s meaning nor common architecture but by the body that in silence traces similitudes, differences, and common limits with their gestures.

Exhibiciones & Proyecciones:

"Skowhegan 2channel video", Skowhegan NY, 2019
ACME Brooklyn", Whyte Hotel Space, Nueva York, 2014
"Mnemografías: Entre la superficie y la memoria", MUNAE, Mexico city, 2012
"Estructuras Invisibles", (proyección sobre fachada), UNARTE, Puebla, 2013
"Entre Líneas", Border, Mexico city, 2012
"Afecciones Colaterales", Centro Nacional de las Artes, 2011

Thanks to all volunteers that had been part of the project from places in México, Cuba, Perú, Argentina, United States, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Rusia, Tajikistan, Korea, Nigeria & Japón, between many others