Lost Bell, 2017

Lost Bell, 2015-2017
bronze bell casted adding bullets and fragments of firearms

A proposal for a lost bell that disappeared without a trace at one of the oldest bell towers in Mexico city from a XVI century convent (now Contemporary Art Museum, Museo ExTeresa). For this new bell, a mixture of decorations that have been used in different centuries were inscripted along with the logos and texts found written on the fragments of guns that were melted to cast it.

The resulting sculpture summarizes a contemporary interpretation of a common practice that relates to the construction of a bell, where the metal used for canons was often melted for its construction, and, in times of war, the metal of bells was melted to build cannons (a practiced mentioned for the construction of the first bell after the conquest of Tenochtitlan casted with the canons of Cortés). This constant cycle and reuse of the material, tangentially shows the connection between the state and clerical power that were involved in the colonization of the now mexican territory many centuries ago.


"Réplicas: Apuntes sobre historia material" (Replicas: notes on material history), Museo ExTeresa, 2017.