Notes on material History, 2017

Password: replicas2017

Notes on material History, 2017
single channel HD video with 2.1 sound

Video essay searching to interrogate the ‘monumental’ gestures of nature and their relation with History. The film orbits around a Museum in Mexico and it's complex relation to loss, earthquakes and national identity, as fragmentary notes of a country, it’s landscape and it’s history. Through image and sound, a series of relations between the studies of earthquakes, archives, historic dates, objects, materials, and resonances, come to question how a museum and a territory are defined by.


"Réplicas: Apuntes sobre historia material" (Replicas: notes on material history), Museo ExTeresa, 2017.

Concept and Direction: Lorena Mal
Camera: Dalia Huerta Cano & Andrés Padilla Domene
Editing: Dalia Huerta Cano & Lorena Mal
Sound design: Homero García
With the support and collaboration of Museo ExTeresa Arte Actual; the National Laboratory of Science for the Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, LANCIC, IF, UNAM; the National Sismoteque and Earth Sciences Bliblioteque; the National Center to Prevent Disasters (CENAPRED).