Uprising (after Ximeno y Planes), 2015-2018 (ongoing)

Uprising (after Ximeno y Planes), 2015-2018
action (reconstruction and destruction of a lost mural in its orignial place)
fresco paintings remaining after destruction action (3 parts of 3x3m)
fresco fragments, variable dimensions
HD video

Based on the reconstruction of a mural that was lost in an earthquake in 1845. After 2 years of research to locate the original sketches and materials, the painting was reproduced in the original place where it existed many centuries ago.

The return of the image was a process open to the public, to witness its recreation and, after completing the image, it’s destruction. The painting depicts the rebellion and killing of an indigenous community in Ixmiquilpan, a historic event mostly forgoten by it's current inhabitants and by visual and wirtten history. During the exhibition a series of talks were held inviting to discuss history, identity, time and painting. After the in site destruction the remainings that resisted to disappear were collected and preserved.


"Réplicas: Apuntes sobre historia material" (Replicas: notes on material history), Museo ExTeresa, 2017.

Invited painters for reconstruction: Manuela Romo and Eric Valencia.
With the support and collaboration of Nathaniel Cano, restorer and art historian, and José Luis Ruvalcaba, coordinator of the National Laboratory of Science for the Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, LANCIC, IF, UNAM.