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Largo aliento (De longue haleine, Di lungo respiro)

series of woodwind instruments built by the artist that make visible on their surface the years of the life of the tree with which they are made. With each instrument, a series of drawing studies that are based on it's tree rings are used as visual scores to be interpreted by an invited performer in order to make audible the temporality, history and climatic events that left a track on the tree.

Largo aliento (1938-2014)

woodwind instrument made with Peltogyne mexicana
19.5cm (76 years)
performance duration variable

Largo aliento: drawing study (1945-1979)

paper cut drawing, chromogenic print and wood pins

Largo aliento (1945-1979)

woodwind instrument made with Peltogyne mexicana
19.5cm (76 years)
24cm (34 years)
performance duration variable

Exhibition view, ESPAC, Cd. de México, 2019.

Performance by traverso flute player Maria Diez-Canedo, ESPAC, Mexico city, 2019.
Research support from the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, Tucson.
Research support from Dra. Alejandra Quintanar, Laboratorio de Tecnología y Anatomía de la Madera UAM-Iztapalapa.
Luthier assistance by Enrique Rico, Trinitate Philharmonia Guanajuato.
Production support by Bruno Monsivais.
Developed with the Support of the National Fund for the Culture and Arts, Jóvenes Creadores 2018-2019.

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