Lost Paintings, 2017
plaster fresco paintings and C-print on concrete cast
variable dimensions (1:1 scale based on original murals)

Series of paintings that reproduce in a 1:1 scale only the missing parts of 10 historic murals from Mexico city's oldest temple Santa Teresa la Antigua (now a Contemporary Art Museum, Museo ExTeresa) that where forgotten and damaged through centuries. For the making of each painting a study was developed in order to know the original pigments that are present in the murals, returning the material as well as the image components, constructing a new image on it’s own.


"Réplicas: Apuntes sobre historia material" (Replicas: notes on material history), Museo ExTeresa, 2017.

Invited painters for exhibition painting sessions: Manuela Romo & Eric Valencia.
With the support and collaboration of Nathaniel Cano, restorer and art historian, and José Luis Ruvalcaba, coordinator of the National Laboratory of Science for the Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, LANCIC, IF, UNAM.

Largo Aliento
Tree ring drawings
Uprising, after Ximeno y Planes
Pulse Clock
Invisible Structures
Concrete Acoustics (Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119 Berlin)
Concrete Acoustics (Calle Dr Mora 7, 06050, Cd. de México)
Those who said our things before us
Notes on material history
Solo, solo, solo con el mar a solas
Lost Paintings
Lost Bell
Lost Sculptures
The day is past and gone and gone and gone
500 years of Resonance (Mexico city, 1500-2015)
Universal Coordinated Time (Empty Quarters, UAE)