Solo solo solo con el mar a solas, 2017
site specific scored action for choir, sound installation (from site recording)

A sound action for choir that takes an old prayer to be sung in looped fragments, as an overlapping of verses that through repetition seeks to invoke the history of the space that resonated with those verses days after days, months, years and complete centuries, as to experience the accumulation of time, idiosyncrasy, and the powerful echoes of a culture’s view of the world being amplified by the acoustics of the place: one of the oldest temples in Mexico City, Santa Teresa la Antigua built in XVI century (now Contemporary Art Museum, Museo ExTeresa).

The verses go in order:
Señor, me cansa la vida -Lord, life tires me-
tengo la garganta ronca de gritar sobre los mares, -I have the throat soared from shouting over the seas-
la voz de la mar me asorda. -the voice of the sea makes me deaf-
Señor, me cansa la vida -Lord, life tires me-
y el universo me ahoga. -and the universe drowns me-
Señor, me dejaste solo, -Lord, you left me alone-
solo, con el mar a solas. -Alone, with the sea alone-


21/04/2018 - "Réplicas: Apuntes sobre historia material" (Replicas: notes on material history), Museo ExTeresa
07/12/2017 - "Réplicas: Apuntes sobre historia material" (Replicas: notes on material history), Museo ExTeresa

Performed by: Sharon Sandovak Vigil, Erika Alcazar, Mylenna Martin del Campo, Alejandra Perez, Araceli Ramirez, Mayra Espinosa, Coral Diaz, Erika Coyote, Jeser Gatica, Roberto Cruz Cortes, Jorge Carlos Guitierrez, David Elias, Omar Banna, Edgar Castillo, Edson Cornejo, Marcos Herrera.

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