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sound and video work that builds a 'storm' [temporal] with the sounds of landscapes, animals, meteorites, magentic waves, stalactites and multiple sounds of different seasons and times within the images of another built landscape: the Biosphere2 at Tucson, Arizona, a dome built to simulate human life on other planets that contains inside it's walls all the climates of earth controlled by an underground machinery called Technosphere, and that currently works as the largest laboratory for tests and experiements to study climate change.

"I built a storm [un temporal] with jungles, and thunder, and earthquakes, and falls, and landslides, and the sea, and rain, and false rain from a human-made biosphere in a dome at the Arizona desert, and stalactites of thousands of years inside caves at Mayan territory in Yucatán, and the grumbling of dunes, and the magnetic movement of meteorites, and the sound of lungs and blood circulation inside humans, and the synapsis of a neuron, and whales, and crickets from Japan and Latinamerica, and the magnetic field of a solar storm in space, and calls of birds from Mexico city and all continents, and Antarctic ice breaking, and the calling of frogs and toads from different seasons, and fire, a lot of fire, and little fishes that make big sounds, and birds imitating humans, and humans imitating animals or water or wind or whistling encrypted messages in the Oaxaca mountains...with everything at the same time to last some time, but that is not fixed nor permanent." June 2020.


one channel video and audio spatialized in situ
12' 56''

Museo Amparo, Puebla, 2020.

Camara and edition by Lorena Mal
Sound design by Homero González

Largo Aliento
Tree ring drawings
Uprising, after Ximeno y Planes
Pulse Clock
Invisible Structures
Concrete Acoustics (Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119 Berlin)
Concrete Acoustics (Calle Dr Mora 7, 06050, Cd. de México)
Those who said our things before us
Notes on material history
Solo, solo, solo con el mar a solas
Lost Paintings
Lost Bell
Lost Sculptures
The day is past and gone and gone and gone
500 years of Resonance (Mexico city, 1500-2015)
Universal Coordinated Time (Empty Quarters, UAE)