The verses go in order:
The day is past and gone, the evening shades appear
Oh may we all remember well
the night of death draws near
We lay our garmets by; Upon our beds to rest;
So death will soon disrobe us all
Of what is here possessed
And when the early light; In view they onwards home
May we ser out to reach thee
And after glory run
And when our days are past; And we from time removed
Oh, may we in thy bossom rest
Thy bossom of thy love

The day is past and gone and gone and gone

A sound action for choir that takes an old prayer, found in an old choir book in the location, to be sung in looped fragments as an overlapping of verses that through repetition seeks to invoke the history of the space that resonated with those verses days after days, months, years and complete centuries, as to experience the accumulation of time, idiosyncrasy, and the powerful echoes of a culture’s view of the world being amplified by the acoustics of the place: the South Solon Meeting House built in XVIII century, Skowhegan, Maine, US.

The day is past and gone and gone and gone

site specific scored action for choir, sound installation (from site recording)

Listening/singing event of 70 untrained voices at 21st of July during Skowhegan Residency, South Solon Meeting House, Skowhegan, Maine, US, 2016

With the participation and support of members of the Skowhegan community, artists and friends.

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