Time Zones (Liwa desert, UAE)
en colaboración con Andrea Garza

In May 2015 at Empty Quarters in UAE, 25 people gathered to draw a circle around themselves, as representation of the sun's position on a human scale, corresponding to each of the 25 divisions of time zones according to the Coordinated Universal Time.

Drawn in the middle of the Liwa Desert, at United Arab Emirates, the country is thw most inhabited by foreigners, all temporary and appearing to be living simultaneously in two places at the same time, their current home and their home of origin. Physycally based in UTC +4 but living as well in a different time zone. This collective action united people from different backgrounds and countries to trace a personal time representation of multiple and simultaneous times as the sun went down.

Performance by Raúl Mirlo, Gabriela Galván, Andrea Garza, Ahmed Al Yafei, Mahammad Rashid, Ripon Mohammad, Mohammad Joshim, Johna Valenzuela, Rio Valenzuela, Sadek Sarker, Mijanur Rahman (Tupac), Abdul Rahman La Maaini, Anuar Ali, Akram, Forman, Amayada, Simo Novakovic, Shian, Alias, Iares, Maria Giovanna Ambrosone, Lara Nuñez-Castelo, Natalia Lasso, Hernando, Aze Ong, Isup, Jeff Scofield, Ayman, Abdula, Bagisha.
Production support from Ahmed Al Yafei, Abu Dhabi.

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