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Concrete Acoustics (Calle Dr Mora 7, 06050, Ciudad de México)

concrete and architectonic materials are used to make visible the acoustic relations that are hidden in the space, based on an acoustic study used in science and construction engineering for mapping the behaviour of sound, the coordinate-specific scuplture solidifies a selection of sonic reflections and geometries happening in the space, occuping the sound original path of communication and taking the dimensions of the borders of the space it reveals, 3.5m x 10.39m x 19.36m.

Lugar de Trabajo, Cd. de México, 2019.

Installation views, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Cd. de México, 2016.

Developed with the support of singhur projekte, Berlin and Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico city.
Curated by Carsten Seiffarth.
Production and programming by Pablo Kobayashi.
Research support by Pablo Padilla (phD Physics, UNAM) & Alejandro Ramos (director of the postgraduate degree on Engineering of Digital Music Production, ITESM-CCM).

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