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Estructuras Invisibles

2 channel video series (no sound) and drawings that gather descriptions of spaces that have been inhabited in different geographies were the interviewed used to live before migrating or moving out from the country or their current living place. The description of this spaces are memories where the participants go through without any time or narration restriction, sometimes speaking in their mother tongue or through the language they feel more comfortable, not knowing the objective of the recording. Afterwards, a frame by frame drawing process takes place and a visual form appears from the movements when describing each place and experience that builds it in that specific time.

Estructuras Invisibles es una seruie de dibujo que reune mapas personales de espacios que han sido habitados en diferentes geografías y percibidos en diferentes idiomas.

A la par en que los espacios se hacen visibles a través de líneas de dibujo hechas frame por frame al seguir el movimiento de cada mano de la persona que describe su experiencia, el diálogo entre cada uno no se establece por el significado de las palabras o la arquitectura común de los espacios, si no por el cuerpo que en silencio va trazando similitudes, diferencias y límites comúnes con sus gestos.

"In 2010-2012, almost 10 years ago, I was asking myself if it was possible to escape representation and rather let things talk by themselves, i wanted to abandon the language we think we know and let other things to write their own forms. It was the first time I had a space that I could name studio and I think it was the first time I stop and listened, also literally, to more than 60 people that trusted in me, many of them without knowing me before and without any indication or knowledge of what did I wanted from them. I'd make them questions I was doing to myself, about how we remember, how the physical world shapes what we are, about how to see together that there are many times and many spaces. Each of them showed me different experiences through my own language and others unknown to me. This excercise of observation took me 2 years to edit only 8 of this encounters that silently speak about the spaces where they had lived before migrating, before moving, before being where there were in that moment. It took me weeks to draw frame by frame of each of their spaces, and it took me time to see there was a lot of me printed in the shape of their movements, that things never speak alone and is how we make them company. A whole day of non stop work ment 3 seconds to see. It was always a surprise what was I going to see there that I couldn't see before. Still today, I do want to continue to see more." Mexico city, July 2019

Exhibition view, ESPAC, Mexico city, 2019.

Exhibition view, Skowhegan NY, 2019.

Screening at Whyte Hotel Space, NY, 2014.

Exhibition view, MUNAE, Mexico city, 2012.

Exhibition view (video projection on building), UNARTE, Puebla, 2013.

Exhibition view, Jardín de las Culturas de Xalapa, Xalapa, 2013.

Screening at Ambulante, Veracruz, 2012.

Border, Mexico city, 2012.

Centro Nacional de las Artes, 2011.

Deep gratitude to all participants that stay anonymous from places in México, Cuba, Perú, Argentina, United States, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Rusia, Tajikistan, Korea, Nigeria & Japan.

Exhibiciones & Proyecciones:

"Skowhegan 2channel video", Skowhegan NY, 2019
ACME Brooklyn", Whyte Hotel Space, Nueva York, 2014
"Mnemografías: Entre la superficie y la memoria", MUNAE, Cd de México, 2012
"Estructuras Invisibles", (proyección sobre fachada), UNARTE, Puebla, 2013
"Entre Líneas", Border, Mexico city, 2012
"Afecciones Colaterales", Centro Nacional de las Artes, 2011

Gracias a todos los participantes que han sido parte del proyecto de lugares en México, Cuba, Perú, Argentina, Estados Unidos, Canada, España, Belgica, Rusia, Tajikistan, Corea del Sur, Nigeria & Japón, entre muchos otros

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