artist book with pedestal and 28' choir sound performance of a score based on the sismographs, frequency data and seismic narrations from earthquakes between 2017 to 1845 that affected Mexico city. The performance begins from the most recent earthquake to go backwards, where the oldest date is april 7th 1845 which returns to the space the event that almost destroyed the building where the work was originally presented, one of the oldest temples in Mexico city, Santa Teresa la Antigua built in XVI century (now a Contemporary Art Museum, Museo ExTeresa).

"More than an excercise of sonification of the objective records of this phenomena, the artist provokes an analogy between the echoes of history and the physical echoes in the space, collective memory and territory, seeking for the public to be able to find themselves inside the history of this geologic movements. This score is part of an artist book in which Mal takes the format of the antique choir book to ensemble and relate a series of data and images found by the artist during her research and shaping with them a certain kind of landscape. The disposition of the images in the book, as well as all the resulting works from the project, adquires a form of achive that projects light to the past, not without questioning it’s meaning in the present and future." -Andrea Ancira, curator and researcher.

Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Cd. de México, 2018-2019.

Exhibition views, Museo ExTeresa Arte Actual, Cd. de México, 2017-2018.

Score for choir in collaboration with composer Emilio Hinojosa Carrión.
Developed with the support of Museo ExTeresa Arte Actual.
Museo ExTeresa choir performance 21/04/2018 directed by Emilio Hinojosa Carrión.
Museo ExTeresa choir performance 07/12/2017 directed by Gerárdo Rabago.
Museo ExTeresa choir performance 21/04/2018 & 07/12/2017 by Sharon Sandovak Vigil, Erika Alcazar, Mylenna Martin del Campo, Alejandra Perez, Araceli Ramirez, Mayra Espinosa, Coral Diaz, Erika Coyote, Jeser Gatica, Roberto Cruz Cortes, Jorge Carlos Guitierrez, David Elias, Omar Banna, Edgar Castillo, Edson Cornejo, Marcos Herrera.
Editor assitance by Diego Aguirre.
Book printing by Cráter Invertido.
Book binding by Hagolibros a project by artist Yazmín Hidalgo.
Research support by Carlos Valdés and Paulino Alonso Rivera from CENAPRED, Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres, México.
With the support of CENAPRED, Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres, México.
With the support of Geophysics Institute, UNAM.
With the support of the National Sismotheque, UNAM.
With the support of Museum of Geophysics, UNAM.

Psalmodia Naturalis (in xóchitl, in cuícatl)

[Psalmodia Naturalis (in xóchitl, in cuícatl)]
Largo Aliento

[A long breath]
Geo-grafías arbóreas

[Tree geo-graphies]
Naturaleza bien muerta

[Very still life]
canto llano cuenca valle

[songs of plain river basin valley]

Pinturas Perdidas: noche azul, árbol, rostro, cielo, dios, brazo, pecho, axila, piernas, hombro, estómago (diálogo con tlacuilos desconocidos, Parroquia de Santiago Tlatelolco, s.XVI)

[Lost Paintings: blue night, tree, face,sky, god, arm, chest, armpit, legs, shoulder, stomach (dialogue with unknown tlacuilos, Parroquia de Santiago Tlatelolco, s.XVI)]
Pinturas Perdidas: ojo, línea, lira, llave, rama, nacimiento (diálogo con Juan Cordero, Templo de Santa Teresa la Antigua. s.XIX)

[Lost Painting: eye, line, lyre, key, stick, birth (dialogue with Juan Cordero, Templo de Santa Teresa la Antigua, s.XIX)]

Sublevación, después de Ximeno y Planes (reconstrucción, destrucción y fragmentos)

[Uprising, after Ximeno y Planes (reconstruction, destruction and fragments)]

Reloj de Pulsos

[Pulse Clock]



Estructuras Invisibles

[Invisible Structures]

Acústica Concreta (Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119, Berlin)

[Concrete Acoustics (Christinenstraße 18-19, 10119, Berlin)]
Acústica Concreta (Calle Dr Mora 7, 06050, Ciudad de México)

[Concrete Acoustics (Calle Dr Mora 7, 06050, Mexico city)]
Aquellos que dijeron nuestras cosas antes que nosotros

[Those who said our things before us]
Apuntes sobre historia material (un organismo museo)

[Notes on material history (a museum organism)]
Campana Perdida

[Lost Bell]
Esculturas Perdidas

[Lost Sculptures]


500 años de Disonancia (Ciudad de México, 1515-2015)

[500 years of Dissonance (Mexico city, 1515-2015)]
Tiempo Universal Coordinado (Empty Quarters, UAE)

[Coordinated Universal Time (Empty Quarters, UAE)]